Happiness Not Guaranteed

Okay, so I “know” that Disneyland has been known as the-happiest-place-on-earth, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people THERE are the happiest. If there WAS a guarantee, then Scott should get some money back because there were times when moods, attitudes, dirty looks, etc. were transferred amongst the kids. It could’ve been their ages, but I believe the emotions ran deeper than that.

As it was, while we were trudging from ride to ride, I noticed the looks on people’s faces: concentrated, tired, focused, irritated. It really didn’t “look” very happy for anyone, but I get what the slogan means. If you stood at the exit of every ride, you’d probably find happy there.

Many times throughout our visit, attitudes were tossed my way. To leave it general, I’ll give you a hint. At one point, Nathan asked me, “Are they mad at you, or do they just hate you?” At the time, my heart sobbed in response, but the emotion on my face remained the same, and my voice stayed silent.

The longer I remained silent about it, the more truth was revealed. Of course my kids love me, but as I prayed about the attitudes more, God revealed to me that not everyone is able or willing to “receive” love; therefore, they’re not always able or willing to give it to another.

During my facial, I had an hour to pray, reflect, ask, and listen. In that time, God showed me so much. I saw existence through His Father Heart. He loves everyone so fully, so unconditionally, so equally, yet not everyone can receive His Love. It doesn’t change the way He feels about them, but it changes the way people feel about HIM.

God is Love…period, so it seems impossible to love without God. There’s a worldly counterfeit of love that disguises itself pretty convincingly, but if we stood on God’s word, without Him, there is no Love.

I saw His Heart for people, how He loves so dearly, and how it must feel for Him to not receive that love back, for people to believe He loves one more than another, for people to blame Him for Satan’s work, when all He does is Love them. Everyone is God’s favorite…much like my kids: they’re all my favorite…so unique, so individual, so very special to my heart.

Most parents love their children equally, but not every child may be able to receive that love, which may cause them to think there is a “favorite” child. With that lie established in their heart, they may lash out, become bitter, throw arrows into the parent’s heart…words that penetrate and leave a mark, but if they only knew and understood…

My new prayer is for everyone to receive God’s love for them.

Maybe attitudes and such are normal for Disneyland because of the strain it puts on peoples feet, legs, backs, emotions, but regardless, it was fun, and Nathan has already asked his Uncle Scott if we get to go back next year, and I’m sure his answer will be, “Yes!”

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