Guess “I” was Lost

Yesterday, when I went to the park, guess who was in his usual spot, sitting in his usual position, reading his usual book? Lee…as if nothing ever happened. We hugged, and I started to explain how I couldn’t find him the day before. He told me what happened.

When it rains, he goes across the bridge outside of a museum to have shelter over his head, which is where I went, but as it turned out, I must’ve arrived over there at the moment he had traveled to the restroom. If only I had waited… When I told him my thought process, he lectured me a little but then stopped himself. He was honored that I cared. I explained how I only called one hospital. He said, “You DID?” Having someone care so much made an impact on his heart. We chatted and ate. It was a good time.

Then, last night, he came over for the worship night, which was AMAZING! He even said, “I was prepared for Rey‘s singing this time, so I didn’t end up bawling like last time.” I’m not sure Lee has ever been to a worship time like that before in someone’s home. We all talked, prayed, read Scripture, sang (like loud enough for the neighborhood to hear), and everyone hung out afterwards for fellowship. I think the last person left around eleven. It was so cool.

During our lunch, I explained to Lee how I wasn’t “worried” about him in an unhealthy way. Actually, I had a wonderful morning thinking about, praying about, and cleaning for the worship night that was to come. That made ME feel really good. It showed me I put Lee being lost in His hands, and God showed me how “I” was the one who had been lost. Right now, I hear Lee breathing on the couch. His breaths are so deep, so relaxed, so peaceful. I’m glad God gives him these moments of retreat.

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