Meet My First Grand-baby!!!

On August 2nd, we were celebrating my daughter’s birth throughout the day, when she went into labor. The next morning, at 4am, her daughter was born!

* Ariel * 6lbs 13.2oz * 19″ long *

My son came to visit!


Then, she was jaundice, so we were back in the hospital for three days.

Finally, we got to go home!!


It’s been a LONG week…so much to write about!


The Waiting Room

On Sunday evening, I received a message from Carlene Hernandez, asking for prayer for her husband. He was scheduled to have a procedure done the next day to put stents in his heart. Of course, I said, “Yes” and then went a step further. I asked if I could go with her. It was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. Continue reading

The Language of Coke

On Monday, so much went on, and each moment deserves its own story, but sometimes, there’s not a moment to write, or God has me to wait. This morning, He’s asked that I tell you about a hospital visit that happened that day.

To bring you up to speed…I had read about a woman friend of mine praying about having to make the decision to have her leg amputated below the knee or not. When I read that request to pray for her, I thought, “What a decision to have to make!”, and my heart just opened up for her, and I began to pray.

When you pray for someone, you grow closer to them, so over the weekend, I felt for this woman and told the kids I wanted to go visit her. Our Sunday ended up being packed full, so I told them I’d be going on Monday, and that’s what I did. Continue reading