will death care what you wear
or how you look
will shame move one
if you’re put together
will regret stay afar
if you’ve got your makeup on
will pride move aside
if you wear your hat

authority is known in the heart
and moves mountains
stands against the storms
withstands the heaviest winds
is a part of who you are
not how you look
or what you wear
it’s from the inside out

Claiming Ground

You know, normally, I don’t “make” my kids go to anything at church, but when I heard Dan Mohler was going to be in town, I told Carolyn, “You’re going!” She saw the look in my eyes and said, “Okay,” so last night I took her to hear Dan for the very first time, and she’ll never be the same.

Even without hearing him, she’s been learning his teaching over the past year by listening and watching how I live my life. A little over a year ago, I began watching Dan’s fifty-one day teaching on YouTube, and it has taught me how to become love. Continue reading

“Hidden Existence”

Not everything that has wings

Not everyone that has breath

Not everyone who smiles

Not everyone who sleeps

Not everyone who sees

Not everyone who hears

I used to be a Christian on the outside
but inside
the truth was a lie


Last night, the team that will be going to the porn convention on February 27th was blessed with hair cuts, and I received a color as well (I’ve got a lot of grey, and I’m not ready to go all natural yet). I feel like we walked in looking amazing, and then, we walked out looking MORE amazing, so why did I wake up this morning crying?

Change. Continue reading