An Alarm for Thanks


With all the stuff going on each day, it’s easy to forget to thank God, so yesterday, I had alarms to remind me.

You see, a few days ago, I heard a teaching about thanking God for one minute, seven times a day. Sounds easy, right?!

Well, the first two days, I totally forgot throughout the day, so Saturday night, I set seven alarms, and yesterday, before I knew it, a habit was formed.

In total, I must’ve thanked God for one minute over 12 times throughout the day, and my mind stayed set on good things! It was so amazing!! I’ll still set alarms each day, until it becomes a way of life.

Off the Roller Coaster…FINALLY

Okay, remember the other night, I was at Carolyn’s band performance? Well, that evening, I found myself totally content on where I was and haven’t differed since.

While I was watching Carolyn, I realized how nothing was distracting me; there was nothing in the way of me seeing her, watching her, taking every movement in, and then it dawned on me what a priceless gift it was to be a single mom. Continue reading

“Behind the Vail”  

my view is of the clouds
not above me
but all around me
I love the clouds
love being IN them
I feel God
letting me see
His closeness
all around me
so much is conquered
in His Presence
which always fills me
always surrounds me
but with distractions
can cause the closeness
to slip away
if you let it
I see why God
took Moses up the mountain
away from everyone
and spoke with him
in a cloud