“Dear Santa”

cleaning the garage
I came across two letters
from my girls

one asking for twenty five minutes
the other asking for fifty nine minutes
of a loving family

that moment
when you feel your heart break
and drip

I began to cry
THIS is why I’m so grateful
THIS is why I write

do you have any idea what HE’s done?
do you even know how HE’s changed my life?

my grateful tears
ran into regret
and the sobbing began

always referred to as bad
but how can one not

searching deeper within
I looked up regret’s definition

as a verb
feel sad

as a noun
feeling of sadness

I regret the damage I’ve caused others
I regret certain things from the past
but it’s not a verb I practice
and it’s not a noun I live in

I breathe
and live
in joy

grateful that I’m


Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day devouring one scripture. It’s about reckoning yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ; if this is true (which it is), then why do many in the church refer to themselves as “sinners?” This is a question not meant to be answered. It’s merely there to make a point.

On more than one occasion, Continue reading


God is my Justifier
Who passed over my sin
to make me righteous

Jesus is my Deliverer
Who through my faith
caused darkness to cease

Holy Spirit is my Teacher
Who replaced every lie
with His marvelous truth

Porn in the Way

Very rarely do I write without knowing how to begin, but this morning, that’s what I’m going through…with tears in my eyes. In my time with God, He spoke to me about the hearts of men. How precious those hearts are!

In JC’s Girls, which is a ministry that reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry, some of our largest donations have come from men, and the ones I’ve received eye-to-eye, I’ve seen a veil of guilt and shame over their eyes, which has tugged on my heart. Continue reading