True Joy Doesn’t Always Laugh

I visited another church this morning, and many wonderful things happened, but one of them stood out the most.

Right after they sang a few songs, they announced to walk around and greet people, so I did, and after a few hellos, a woman approached me and said, “Wow, you have so much joy! I see it everywhere.” You know what stood out to me the most about that? She’s never heard me laugh.

Somewhere along the way, I related “my” laughter with HIS joy, but it’s not that at all. When she’d looked into my eyes, His joy was all she saw. I loved that!

Actually, I never laughed once the whole time I was there, and it had nothing to do with my emotional state. I just didn’t find anything funny.

This may seem real simple, but it had a HUGE impact on me. My whole time with Him there was REALLY powerful! There’ll be more to come.

“Fruit Cemetery”

I love it when
a thought comes through
and passes right by
like the wind

those are the thoughts
I take captive
blowing each away
before it takes root

but not all the time

some thoughts
I make a place for
setting them at a table to feast
on the fruits of my spirit

nibbling at the joy
the love
the patience
and more

not even noticing the plates
until they’re empty
feeling an absence

of course
none of that’s real
nothing can be taken
only buried

“Table of Contents”

God’s writing a book in me
that will help millions
I know it
I sense it
it’s real

of all people
why not

this subject
of all things
why not

without expecting
He planted seeds
without asking
He watered

now time to grow
in His direction
bearing fruit
in His light