True Joy Doesn’t Always Laugh

I visited another church this morning, and many wonderful things happened, but one of them stood out the most.

Right after they sang a few songs, they announced to walk around and greet people, so I did, and after a few hellos, a woman approached me and said, “Wow, you have so much joy! I see it everywhere.” You know what stood out to me the most about that? She’s never heard me laugh.

Somewhere along the way, I related “my” laughter with HIS joy, but it’s not that at all. When she’d looked into my eyes, His joy was all she saw. I loved that!

Actually, I never laughed once the whole time I was there, and it had nothing to do with my emotional state. I just didn’t find anything funny.

This may seem real simple, but it had a HUGE impact on me. My whole time with Him there was REALLY powerful! There’ll be more to come.

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