“heart to Heart”

detachment is good
distractions can
and hem in
detachment dissolves
the stitching
open space
for God to sew
into the soul
through the heavens
His glory
showering through
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“With Blinders On”

having not forgotten
I dance on this path
believing there’s more
if I just keep moving
at times it seems tougher
when I feel a tantrum coming on
that my foot doesn’t want to move forward
that my life tends to want to run away
but in those moments I remember
the path He’s put me on
there’s a right and a left in view
but my path is straight and narrow
it’s not a sin to cry
but I must move forward
there’s a destiny I see
and every step creates the journey
I want to leave a path for my kids to teach about
I want to leave a legacy to carry on
not of my name but of His
not of my plan but of God’s
two more dresses came today
a total of three in two days
a stranger who’s a friend
dressed in glory
dancing in glory
releasing glory
to reign down again

“Living Water”

relaxing in Your Presence
basking in Your Glory
bathing in Your SonLight
I am free

refreshing comes from within
Kingdom High released
never thirsty
never hungry
moisture in the air
light within the tunnel

no curse to fear
no fall to endure
no sinful nature
I am free

A Dance in Glory

Many times, I’m told that people were drawn to look at me while I was dancing with flags, but as soon as they caught themselves, they apologized to God and looked away, but I’m not totally convinced that watching people worship’s a bad thing. Countless times, I’ve found myself watching others worship because of they way they were worshiping; it had drawn me deeper into the heart of God.

At Red Seal Ministries
At Red Seal Ministries

Last night, I had an amazing time dancing with God during worship. Youknow, the phrase for my business is “worship flags that release God’s glory.” That phrase was written for a reason, and I believe people are drawn the glory I’m dancing in, not necessarily me.

I picture it this way: everything God’s done in me and through me pours into my dance, and it gives Him glory, which He gives right back to me. I think THAT’s what people see. Although, I could be wrong. I’ve just heard many people have repented for watching me during worship, and I’m not sure they need to.

ONE Love Language

The other day, I was standing in the kitchen, and I had a thought, “What about the ‘5 Love Languages’ concept?'” Right away, I knew it was from God, so I thought the the thought through, and listened. Within moments, I went into the living room to talk with Carolyn. Continue reading

“I Do”

it’s not about a husband
or how to pay the rent
it’s not about having sex
or being in someone’s arms
it’s not about responsibility
or making someone smile
marriage is about Kingdom Living
about releasing the glory of God
it’s about becoming one in Him
becoming love
and changing the world

the need is gone
the want is gone
the desire remains