A Dance in Glory

Many times, I’m told that people were drawn to look at me while I was dancing with flags, but as soon as they caught themselves, they apologized to God and looked away, but I’m not totally convinced that watching people worship’s a bad thing. Countless times, I’ve found myself watching others worship because of they way they were worshiping; it had drawn me deeper into the heart of God.

At Red Seal Ministries
At Red Seal Ministries

Last night, I had an amazing time dancing with God during worship. Youknow, the phrase for my business is “worship flags that release God’s glory.” That phrase was written for a reason, and I believe people are drawn the glory I’m dancing in, not necessarily me.

I picture it this way: everything God’s done in me and through me pours into my dance, and it gives Him glory, which He gives right back to me. I think THAT’s what people see. Although, I could be wrong. I’ve just heard many people have repented for watching me during worship, and I’m not sure they need to.

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