“A Place to Grow”

easier given
or received

not a bad thing
calls goodness to the front


touches deep wounds
healing in love

fills hearts with joy
sings into every cell

creates a bond
than known before

continues to move
continues to raise up

easier given
or received

“My Dance with Jesus”

When the music begins
it warms my heart
and I think of the
way You love me

I unravel my flags
and lift them to fall
in the romance I have
with You

As the silk flutters
and flows through the air
I’m reminded of
how You see me:

Beautiful ~ untouched by the pains of this world
because I’m covered in Your love

Wholesome ~ a virgin of the heart waiting for love
purified by the flow of Your blood

Loving ~ becoming like You more and more
as I listen to the hearts that need You

What You’ve done in my life
pours through every move
and renews every moment
I dance:

in Your sight
through Your heart
in my mind

Watch me, LORD
Dance with me
Receive my honor and praise
for the way You
mold me into Your love
and release me to
change the world

10507016_10152876388293952_3126583563418806209_o (2)


Lunch with Lee

In case you don’t know, Lee is a homeless man that I’ve become friends with over the last two weeks (I’ve sat with him three times), and on Friday, I invited him to have lunch with me on Monday, which was yesterday, and what an amazing time it was! It seems like it will be hard to put into words the wonderful lunch we had, but I will do my best to invite your heart to dance with mine.  Continue reading