My Past Makes Me a Whore?

I just saw a disturbing post. It was about a woman who has “a past,” and because of “her past,” they’re calling her a whore.

As much as I wanted to defend her, I couldn’t because political bullying is intense, so I’ll speak in my own defense.

According to this post that I saw…
My past makes me a whore

I used to be a stripper
That makes me a whore
I used to sell my body
I’m not one to be honored
My one-night-stands are countless
I must be a slut

You see
I know that’s not true
But why do people spew it?
Why do they tear down the present
With the past?

I know I’m a woman of integrity
Who deserves to be honored
The past will NEVER define me
Nor should it define anyone else

“Turning Around”

I have a thought in my head
and heart
that few people know about

it’s one of excitement
and calmness

but a thought doesn’t
do much
by itself

it requires action
sometimes risk
and commitment

as it remains unspoken
it’s heard loud and clear
in heaven

change may seem scary
as a thought
but normal as a step

In the Presence of Honor

Last night, I was invited to a very special meeting and ended up in a room full of people honoring one another. I sat there thinking, “How did I get invited to this? Thank you, God, for thinking of me.” It was truly amazing: a night of ordination, a night of declaring what’s to come, a night of honoring those stepping up into their calling. There’s just something about “honor,” and I’ve been talking to God a lot about it lately because I haven’t fully understood it, and I felt like God answered a lot of my questions by placing me in that room. Continue reading