In the Presence of Honor

Last night, I was invited to a very special meeting and ended up in a room full of people honoring one another. I sat there thinking, “How did I get invited to this? Thank you, God, for thinking of me.” It was truly amazing: a night of ordination, a night of declaring what’s to come, a night of honoring those stepping up into their calling. There’s just something about “honor,” and I’ve been talking to God a lot about it lately because I haven’t fully understood it, and I felt like God answered a lot of my questions by placing me in that room.

That room…filled with people I knew, people I wanted to know more, and people I want to know now…now that I’ve heard their hearts. Every time someone honored another, I noticed that a deep respect rose up in me for the one speaking, almost like a desire to honor THEM, and the root of all that was going on in the room was Love. There was so much love, and that’s the perfect place to grow.

Just last week, I was talking with someone very close to me about when you’re surrounded by love, you’re able to grow. If you’re surrounded by hate, your growth is stunted. She agreed and shared an example.

This lovely young lady had been in a love-relationship with God…so intimate…so amazing. She wanted to grow deeper, move forward, reach others, so she went to a discipleship school. During that schooling, there was a lot of legalism, which slowly diminished the love and stopped the growth. I pray for her to return to her love-relationship with God, and it will happen, but as I sat in that room last night, I thought about what I was surrounded by. How could someone NOT grow!

The evening was so intimate, so private…it’s not to be revealed (not by me anyway), so I’m going to describe it as a garden, a talking garden.

Imagine a garden filled with flowers, all standing a little droopy because of the clouds covering the sun. But then, one flower stood up and began to speak about honor. They all straightened a little, but then, that honor was directed toward one specific flower. In that moment, the clouds moved, and the rays of the sun shone directly on that flower, and it stood up straight as could be. The light reflected on the others and the words of honor filled the atmosphere, which caused the others to stand up straight, as well, watered by tears, warmed by the Son…honor.

I’m not even sure about all that God taught me last night, but I feel, as I see them again, I’ll be reminded, and more will be revealed.

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