Just Keep Swimming

In one week, I received SIXTEEN scarf orders. Do you even “know” what that means?

It means I don’t have to quit and find a job.

It means this business will remain and grow.

It means, every time I cried and sobbed, there’d be an outcome (if I didn’t give up).

EVERY TIME I contemplated quitting, I KNEW I was supposed to continue on, but it didn’t make any common sense. Continue reading

“Eternal Flames (of Glory)”

I wonder do they know
how I wanted to quit
how I planned to quit
this month

so many tears
conversations with God
all the while
Him revealing

a new kind of love
seen through His eyes
to keep going
no matter what

a yoke
around the neck
His burden light
as silk

time needed to be spent
to watch Him come through
again and again

through friends
through strangers
through family
through love

I can’t explain
the breaking of hope
in realizing a dream
has to end

why bother waking
why bother showering
why bother cooking
without hope

Hope always there
Hope inside
Hope around me
causing me to dream and not quit

the enemy knows
how to use doubt to kill passion
but didn’t know how
to put out the flame