the most memorable moments
are the one-on-one times
I get to share with ladies

moments of remembering
the road leading up to
and carrying on in recovery

those moments in sharing
when gentle tears rise inside
remorseful of what I’ve done

of who I was

gentle tears of healing
for both her
and me

tears of being thankful
of who I am now
and what I now do

I’m a living, breathing testimony
of one who has recovered
from a hopeless state of mind

and I’m living proof
that a life lived in God
is one worth living

Hope Looking Back

Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to about twenty women in an AA meeting at the San Diego Rescue Mission. It turned out to be a “mandatory” meeting for these ladies, and by the looks on some of their faces, you could tell, but by the end of the meeting, I saw hope in every set of eyes looking back at me. Continue reading