Hope Looking Back

Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to about twenty women in an AA meeting at the San Diego Rescue Mission. It turned out to be a “mandatory” meeting for these ladies, and by the looks on some of their faces, you could tell, but by the end of the meeting, I saw hope in every set of eyes looking back at me.

It’s funny: when speaking, I never know how people will respond to me, but I always tend to get someone’s attention. Well, last night, I had almost ALL of their attention.

All of these women have come off the streets. That’s what this faith-based mission is all about: they help feed the hungry and house the homeless, but they do more than that. They teach them about God through Christ. It was very beautiful to be there.

I shared about my life: early abuse; wrong mindsets; not loving myself; sex; stripping; abortions; alcohol; drugs; prostitution; etc., and ended it all through God’s heart with my kids’ wholeness, my business, my marriage, and my move to Texas. They were, literally, on the edge of their seats…engaged…smiling…laughing… I loved that!

Afterwards, women came up to write down my contact info and opened up about stripping, being molested, feeling unworthy, etc. It was so good! They thanked me for being so honest.

I love how being open shuts down the enemy. I know there was healing in that room last night that will continue on through each of their lives.

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