I Met My Spirit Animal

Yesterday, I met my spirit animal.

This isn’t a post to explain what that means because I don’t fully understand myself. All I know is what I experienced.

Last night, I was guided through a meditation, and in my vision, a wolf came to me, meaning my spirit animal is a wolf, but the meaning of the vision was what reallly floored me, but before I tell you about the vision, let me tell you what I entered in with. Continue reading


[written at 6:39pm on 1/24/17]

deep inside
I know who I am

how am I to let you in
when I want out?

who I appear to be
rages around me
but deep down
below the storm
I am anchored

but there is a way
to quiet the storm
and let my Light
shine through
while I’m anchored

“And you He made Alive”

first part of a Scripture
and I can’t get past it
only few words
yet endless meaning

And you
He made

Alive to live not exist
Alive to experience not isolate
Alive to every moment not asleep
Alive to every thought not weak
Alive to discover not ignore

so live
to experience
every moment
take thoughts captive
and discover who
you’re living to be

it seems every thing in life
has a switch
it’s up to you to turn it
on or off

Meditating Day And Night

Some read by candlelight; I read by Christmas light.



Yesyerday, I listened to Curry Blake teach about meditation and practiced it in my life last night. It something I used to do but pulled away from, since being in Texas, and that’s reading my bible at night.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been reading Narnia books at bedtime…almost trying to escape. Well, this teaching talked about being in the word morning AND night, so I started back up last night.

And wouldn’t you know it: I didn’t have a bad dream! (I’ve had quite a few bad dreams.)

There were other pointers, too, like thanking God for one minute seven times a day and being mindful of who you listen to because words are recorded in your brain.

This morning, I’ve been reading by Christmas light and feel stronger already. He’s building me up for something…maybe Katie leaving…maybe my husband not changing, but regardless, I’m stronger!