Laura’s Lanes

The other day, I was coming from Santee and knew the freeways were jammed, so I decided to take the streets, and, in doing so, passed by some memory lanes.

You know, some people suggest to never visit your past, but I tell you what: I’ve found victory in it.

As I was going down a road in El Cajon, I drove by a storage place. My friend and her boyfriend used to live in one of the spaces. I remembered it well: it’s where we used drugs, bought drugs, etc. That was back in my dancing days.

This is where people may say, “That’s not you. You’re a new creation. Don’t even mention it!” I disagree. Continue reading

“Living Water”

relaxing in Your Presence
basking in Your Glory
bathing in Your SonLight
I am free

refreshing comes from within
Kingdom High released
never thirsty
never hungry
moisture in the air
light within the tunnel

no curse to fear
no fall to endure
no sinful nature
I am free