Laura’s Lanes

The other day, I was coming from Santee and knew the freeways were jammed, so I decided to take the streets, and, in doing so, passed by some memory lanes.

You know, some people suggest to never visit your past, but I tell you what: I’ve found victory in it.

As I was going down a road in El Cajon, I drove by a storage place. My friend and her boyfriend used to live in one of the spaces. I remembered it well: it’s where we used drugs, bought drugs, etc. That was back in my dancing days.

This is where people may say, “That’s not you. You’re a new creation. Don’t even mention it!” I disagree.

I drove by that place, remembered that time, and KNEW I’d NEVER be back there again…NEVER be that way again, and it empowered me! I drove by in VICTORY because I KNOW who I am NOW. I pondered about how powerful it was, and then, I thought of the bible.

In the bible, Jesus describes an encounter in a cemetery, where an insane man was chained up but kept escaping because his demons were stronger than he was, but when those demons encountered God through Jesus, they fled, leaving the man completely sane, in his right mind, sitting at the feet of Jesus.

As Jesus continued on, the man wanted to follow, forever grateful for what happened to him, but Jesus told him no, to go back to his home town and spread his testimony throughout.

Before, when I’d read this, I’d been tempted to feel bad for the guy, but after the other day, I understood deeper.

I imagined this man going back to his hometown, passing by places where he’d had an outburst, a possible fight, embarrassed his family, etc….maybe even passing by places he’d been kicked out of, ridiculed in…so many different scenarios imaginable.

I imagined him walking through town, ecstatic, standing tall, saying, “Look at me now! Look what God has done! I met Jesus!” I could see the power in his heart and his eyes: victory in the flesh! Living proof of the living God and the living Messiah! What a sight!

When I drive by old places in the car and in my mind, THAT’s how I feel. If it takes me in any other direction, God steers me back.

I love going by alleys, motels, clubs and meeting places, remembering who I was through who I am. It’s a life of victory, redemption…restored back to the image God intended me to be! I’m free to travel down any memory lane I want and never worry about residing there.

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