I’ve finally gotten
to the place
I never wanted
to be

where there’re no words
no expression of thought
to reach out to others
from inside

a place where I’m not
my own
a place hidden away
behind a curtain

and it breaks my heart

one thing different
about me
has been my


when two become one
I guess I’m not one
but two

and my other half
would like to leave
his book closed

this is so very sad to me
I can’t explain how it
and maybe – now –
I can’t

was this part of God’s plan
I can’t imagine it would be
we’ll see how it goes
maybe writing in code

if he knew what was on ‘here’
it’d break him
he only sees faKebook
and that hurts him

if I could turn back time
I’d never get married
I’d never split up my kids
I’d never be in Texas

but here I am
a writer without a pen
a poet without an outlet
a wife without a smile
a woman trapped
on the inside

The Light Switch

My writing may be a little dark for awhile because I feel like I’m in a dark place. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t been writing. The other part was I couldn’t find my laptop in the trailer, where my life just sits, waiting to enter in to this new life I’m living (if you want to call it “living”).

One thing’s for sure: writing helps me A LOT. It’s just…now…I’m not the only book on the shelf to be opened.


some people say
only share the positive

I don’t agree

I share my heart
so when I cry
you cry
when I laugh
you laugh

as I go through life
you share my life
the lowest lows
the highest highs

you’ve see where I’ve been
and where I’ve let God lead me
by faith
by love
by passion

thank you for being
part of my life
and future

“One on One”

poetry is a way
for you to know me
each line
an open door
to see what’s inside
to read between the lines
to read behind the lines
all of it truth
all of it out there
as the words
enter your eyes
to your heart
there’s a moment created
for you to ask
for you to listen
for you to understand
for you to delve
and get to know me
if you want