“One on One”

poetry is a way
for you to know me
each line
an open door
to see what’s inside
to read between the lines
to read behind the lines
all of it truth
all of it out there
as the words
enter your eyes
to your heart
there’s a moment created
for you to ask
for you to listen
for you to understand
for you to delve
and get to know me
if you want

2 thoughts on ““One on One”

  1. Have you ever found yourself wanting, so badly, for someone to want to get to know you this way, through your poetry? I feel this way all of the time with one particular person, but he doesn’t seem to be interested. Just curious…do you find that it’s a deal breaker when someone you love and want to love you won’t even try to get to know you this way? I keep wondering if he just doesn’t realize that poetry is a straight path to my deepest thoughts; but, for some reason, this excuse just doesn’t seem good enough. Great poem! It really got to me, as you can see 🙂

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    1. Yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel!! To be honest, there’s only one person I think I love, but it’s one of those impossible things that will never happen. I say I “think” because I don’t think I’ve ever been in-love, not since I’ve began to love myself.

      I’ve sat in tears, wanting to know people and wondered if they know me. They should…if they read every line…I don’t hide much of anything.

      I’m glad this touched your heart. Thanks for commenting and letting me inside YOUR heart!!

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