The Morning After

If you asked me, I’d say we had a lot of fun on Halloween, and when I say “we,” I mean me, Carolyn, Nathan, and then some.

The kids keep wanting “game nights,” so I keep creating time to have them, so on Friday, a few of Carolyn’s friends came over to hang out, and a couple of them ended up staying all weekend.

I love how these kids like to hang out with me. When they come over, I don’t leave them to themselves. No, I pull up a chair and join them THE WHOLE TIME. I love it! Everything can wait: dishes can wait; cleaning can wait; sleeping can wait. We just spend time together, and it’s priceless!!

It’s not all about teaching from God’s word. It’s more about becoming God’s word and being a living example, open to talk about anything.

Since I’ve been reaching out to kids on the street and since some kids have been reaching out to me, here’re some things I’ve heard:

“No one’s ever taught me about sex, only not to have it until marriage.”
“I don’t know how to pray.”
“I have nightmares.”
“I was never taught that.”
“A parent has never tried to keep a conversation with me.”
“Normally, the parents stay away.”
“A lot of kids smoke hookah.”
“Are demons real?”

I could go on and on. Nothing ever surprises me or makes me think differently of them. I simply love them and answer anything they ask. I teach them how to win, how to pray, how to understand. I never know if they listen, but I talk. Through life, I’ve learned that not everything heard is followed, but seeds are planted for later.

Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015

Anyway, back to our Halloween. By the time we went trick-or-treating, we had more kids join us, so ten of us went walking around. By the end, these kids were tired out! Not all of us had fun at the same time, but all of us had our moments of fun. A few of them spent the night.

On Sunday morning, we were up and getting ready for church. Carolyn, at times, can be a little difficult to wake up, so we all went into my room to wake her. It was me, Nathan, and two others sitting on my bed, messing with Carolyn. It made me think of Christmas time.

On Christmas Eve, all my kids like to fall asleep with me, so we can all wake up together in the same room.

Having all of us in the same room Sunday morning felt special like that. I told them about it. It was probably one of my favorite moments of the whole weekend.

God is so good…how He orchestrates moments, opens doors, creates an environment for those who need it…want it. I look forward to the next time!

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