The Morning After

If you asked me, I’d say we had a lot of fun on Halloween, and when I say “we,” I mean me, Carolyn, Nathan, and then some.

The kids keep wanting “game nights,” so I keep creating time to have them, so on Friday, a few of Carolyn’s friends came over to hang out, and a couple of them ended up staying all weekend. Continue reading

Abandoned Heart

Many times, God will reveal to me insight on what to write about before the morning comes. This time, I sat in His Presence and waited for His direction.

Last night, after the workshop and a visit with a friend, a very close friend of mine had an emergency and needed to be picked up from a motel. I didn’t hesitate at all and barely broke any speed limit laws to get there.

When this person got in the car, there were tears. Right off the bat, I asked, “Do you need to spend the night?”, and said, “You don’t have to tell me anything.” Continue reading