Water Reflection of Faith

Recently, someone was talking about faith and what it look like. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about what it looks like in my life. I know I have it…a bunch of it, but how do you describe it. With tears in my eyes, I’ll try to explain. Continue reading

“Awakened By My Heart”

Awakened: my soul from a sweet, deep sleep
eyes closed
calmly breathing
thoughts of you

Who is this man who’s entered my sleep
Who’s roamed through my day
lept into my heart
my mind

Awakened: by poetry that nourished my soul
my beauty within
aligning with Him
breathes the fullness of heaven

Who is this man who’s kind and sweet
favorite color
deepest dream
What thoughts enter “his” mind, while he sleeps

Awakened: my life from a heart untouched
waiting for God
feelings unknown
yet trusting
I’m awake