When People Die

For some reason, ever since mom passed away, I really wanted flowers, so today, I finally went and bought some.

I guess you’d imagine that I’d get her favorite flower, but I have no idea what that was, so I bought my favorite color (yellow) and my favorite smell (carnations) and combined the two.

As I stood in line to pay, Continue reading

“The Stage”

thank You for saving me
from the stage of my past

into someone new
loved head to toe

when I look back
I can’t even recognize
the “me” I used to be

I’ve been reborn
in life
in character
in nature

the me I see now
is enveloped in You
and who I’m meant to be
is still being fashioned

through trials
through fire
through Love

shining through it all
I trust You
I lean on You
I fall back into You

leaving imprints of love
with those I’m blessed to meet

“Tiny Traveler”

sometimes I wish you could be inside me
inside my thoughts of all that He’s done
inside my tears as they well up
it’s more than going to church or reading His word
it’s understanding
it’s becoming
it’s living out loud where no voice is needed
it’s listening without judging
it’s loving without wanting
it’s speaking without yelling
if you could be inside me in moments like these
maybe you’d understand the way that I am
and who I want to be

“Not By Sight”

I haven’t done this in awhile
eyes closed
heart open
writing a poem
without distraction

as my fingers dance among the keys
I focus to see who I am

I am HIS
a child of God
blooming in every season
just like
when the rain pours down on the flowers
they may look sad
and gloomy
drooping beneath the weight
of every drop
but as the sun comes out
the flowers stand
and dance in the wind

that’s how I feel

even if the weather takes it ts toll
I remain
even if my appearance changes
my heart stays the same
perfect in HIM
my Creator
my Lover
my Everlasting Hope
my Smile
my Life

who am I?
I am HIS

not an alcoholic
not a prostitute
not a drug addict
not a mother
not a wife

I am HIS
a child of God
a daughter of the King
a vessel of His Spirit
I am HIS


in the silence
she writes
to become what she is

no mirrors
no windows
just reflection

there’s the past she’s forgotten
and a past that she makes
only one worth remembering

every word
every tear
every breath

released in a song
moved by a poem
expressed with a word

in the stillness
she thinks
where she was and is

sometimes the memories
whether bad or good
help navigate the way

so she thinks
so she writes
and she sings what will be


I bet some marriages
are happy

I bet husbands and wives
have conversations

I bet they hug and kiss
and mean it

I bet there’s laughter
and endless smiles

I bet some pray together
walk together
spend quality time

of course
I wouldn’t put my money on it

On the Edge

You ever have those moments when all you want to do is write, yet nothing comes out? (sigh) I do. Lately, I have those moments A LOT, and for some reason, it hurts my heart. How can you tell? …the tears running down my face.

So, today, my writing may be out-of-sorts (if it comes “out” at all).