“The Sound of Silence”

I’ve heard that
is a fruit
of promotion

but I’ve also heard that
is a fruit
of isolation

knowing that a tree of life
grows upward
but a tree of death
withers away

I sometimes wonder

but the beauty of silence
is the song from the heart
that touches the soul
of who listens


“Without a Map”

someplace in my heart
words have grown silent
kept away
to hide how I feel

there’s just so much
going on

if my thoughts were a city
there’d be roads without signs
conversations without people
a cloud covering of doubt
not a good place to live

such a difference
from before

I think about decisions I’ve made
and ones pending

what’s worth the fight?
what needs to change?

I’ll never encourage one
to marry a stranger
I’ll never give advice
without listening

I used to think I was a leader
but now…
it might not be a good time
to follow

Meet My First Grand-baby!!!

On August 2nd, we were celebrating my daughter’s birth throughout the day, when she went into labor. The next morning, at 4am, her daughter was born!

* Ariel * 6lbs 13.2oz * 19″ long *

My son came to visit!


Then, she was jaundice, so we were back in the hospital for three days.

Finally, we got to go home!!


It’s been a LONG week…so much to write about!