“Without a Friend”

So, this morning, I wrote this poem, and right after, I updated my website (which was WAY overdue). Honestly, I think writing (and posting) this poem on FB broke through the chains that were holding back my fingers from the keyboard.

The only fear that exists is the one I agree with.

“Without a Friend”

where is it?
where did it go…
the writing?

how could a passion just
is darkness really that strong
I KNOW it’s not

so where did it go?
where is it…
the writing?

Yesterday was my birthday!

January 21, 2017

My first birthday without my boys.

My last birthday with Katie and Ariel.

Every day should be treated as a first and last because you never know if tomorrow will come.

I posted many pictures in an album on Facebook that you can access here, if you care to see, but there are some pictures that didn’t make it there.


These are the flowers from my son. Every year, I wake up to them, and realizing I wouldn’t have them broke my heart, but he must’ve known that because he contacted Katie to have them bought for me, so when the girls and I arrived home from the sunrise, there they were.


And this is my homemade carrot cake from Katie. It was the most amazing carrot cake I’ve ever eaten, and I just turned 45, so that’s a lot of carrot cake years to compare it to. It was DELISH!!


And my candles…the red one’s for Kyle. The rest were Raider black and silver!! #raidernation

“The World is My Journal”

[written 1/20/17]

may the ground be the paper
and my feet be the pen
while my heart strokes the words
that write my story

every one has their story

not to be copied
not to be plagiarized
not to be criticized

the road is narrow
but wide enough for friends
to experience this story with me
as you write your own

She leaves on January 31st

[written 1/17/17]

On Sunday morning, I wasn’t feeling well, and as I was talking to Katie, I began weeping and couldn’t stop. Then, Katie started naming off all the positive things that’ve happened as a result of the past seven months, and eventually, I stopped crying. I’m gonna miss her.