fear is such a bully
who thrives
on keeping one locked up

what should’ve been done
what could’ve been done
how you’ve failed

but it’s only an illusion

fear threatens
and suffocates
and ages one
without them knowing

fear has a tall shadow
but a tiny image
it can look like light
and sound like sanity

it wears its costume

but when exposed
it disintegrates
into nothingness

Death of Friends

You know, because of my consistency of not writing on here, I’m not even sure anyone knows about my friends who passed away.

Rob Johnson, who was my best friend here in Harlingen, overdosed on Heroin in May and passed away in June. He never regained consciousness. He was thirty-three.

And Lee, my beautiful homeless friend who didn’t die homeless, died of unknown reasons in early October. They haven’t found his family yet, and if they don’t, they’ll let me claim him and send me his ashes.

Both of them knew how much I loved them. I’m so happy for that!

“The After Life”

those who pass away
live on in your heart
and cross your mind
every day

when I make coffee
I think about Lee
when I snap my fingers
I think about Rob
when I iron
I think about Lee
when I see the bay
I think about Rob

multiple times
every day
they cross my mind
as if they’re walking around up there