Stairwell of Prayer

So, last night after the Padre game, everyone was headed to the exits. We had sat near the very top and had a long ways down to go. The wait for the escalator seemed ridiculous, so we decided to take the stairs.

As we were walking down, along with a bunch of other people, I overheard a young man celebrating how that had been his first baseball game he’d ever seen all the way through. It was also his first time being sober at one. Continue reading

“Chains are Falling”

keys to the Kingdom
the Kingdom is here
chains need to come off

chains have locks
locks have keyholes
to be opened by keys

keys make me think of doors
but as I live my life
I realize I have keys

to open chains

chains of addiction
chains of pornography
chains of promiscuity
chains of rejection
chains of religion
chains of sin
chains of unworthiness
chains of unforgiveness

that need to be opened
with the keys
of victory lived


Time Redeemed in a Dance

Yesterday, I went to Beach Chapel to deliver some flags and to creep up on Henry (hee hee hee). Both of those things were accomplished, but God had way bigger things in store for me.

“…in store for me”…I can’t even imagine all that God has stored up for me in heaven that He’ll be releasing. It’s astonishing!

Anyway, as I was dancing with flags, I felt the desire to go up on stage but wasn’t sure if I had that favor, so I stayed where I was. Before communion, we sat to pray, and at that moment, Henry motioned for me to come up on stage, so I went. Continue reading

An Order of Prayer

A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting at a Starbucks and met a man who fell in love with my laugh. His exact words…”I will never forget you.” Last night, I ended up at that same Starbucks, and when he saw my face, he said, “I remember you!” That made me laugh. Then he said, “I remembered you before you laughed!” He was so proud of himself.

He asked if I wanted to order anything. I told him I was waiting for someone. I asked him how he was doing. He said he was letting go of some stuff, and it was hard. I asked him what he was letting go of. He said, “Drugs. I was so high last time I saw you.” I grabbed his hand and started praying. Continue reading