“Risen to Fly”

life after death
not in the grave
but in the tomb
resurrected in power
leaving destruction behind
rising in newness
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“Behind the Vail”  

my view is of the clouds
not above me
but all around me
I love the clouds
love being IN them
I feel God
letting me see
His closeness
all around me
so much is conquered
in His Presence
which always fills me
always surrounds me
but with distractions
can cause the closeness
to slip away
if you let it
I see why God
took Moses up the mountain
away from everyone
and spoke with him
in a cloud

Weather Update

I have always loved the weather…always wanted to experience all four seasons, and I have always appreciated the clouds more than any other characteristic of nature, but ever since I’ve become friends with Lee, I’ve noticed the weather a lot more, and it doesn’t always bring a smile to my face.

The clouds…I absolutely LOVE the clouds. If I had to choose between a sunny day and a grey, cloudy one, I would choose the grey, cloudy one every time. Yesterday, as I was at my desk, I was watching the weather through the window: the trees were dancing in the wind; the clouds were blocking the sun from shining. It was beautiful, so I stepped out onto the balcony and experienced my happiness crash. Continue reading