For the last few days, I’ve been on a solitude retreat, and it was amazing! Since I’ve been going on these alone, I don’t feel like I “meet God” there; it’s more like I “take Him” with me, so the past few days have been more like a weekend getaway with my Husband.

When I first arrived, it was SO cold. It was FREEZING (to me)! I wasn’t used to weather like that. I headed straight for the office to check in. I was greeted with love and shown where to go for my room. (They were all so friendly there.)

When I opened the door to my room, I was amazed: a love seat in the living room area, a table with chairs, a bedroom in the back (with a queen size bed, bunk beds, and extra fold-up beds in the closet)…there was so much room! It was so nice!

[I found out that, next time, I can take my kids. There was SO much room in that room; we can all getaway together in the same room. I can’t wait!]

Anyway, when I went to dinner, I was greeted by the nicest man, and soon learned that all the staff was really nice. I’ve never been treated so well at a retreat center before.

Palomar Christian Conference Center 11/4/15 Solitude Retreat
Palomar Christian Conference Center 11/4/15 Solitude Retreat

When I woke up the next morning, I found I was in a cloud…literally. The clouds were resting on the mountain. It was my dream-come-true. I love the clouds! As I stood there, the cloud moved around me. It was my heaven. Who needs a view, when you’re in a cloud! It rested there almost the entire day.

I went on some hikes and got myself freaked out (at times). As I was walking, I’d hear animals in the bushes, so I’d threaten them and say, “If any creatures come near me, I’ll curse you in the Name of Jesus, but if you stay away from me, I’ll bless you!” It seemed to work. Nothing attacked me.

As I walked along, God explained to me how, by being on that mountain, I wasn’t having a mountain-top experience. I was having an underground experience: beneath the dirt, warm, nourished…like the roots. It was neat: every step, I imagined being beneath the surface…deeply rooted.

Getting away every once in awhile is very important to me. I learn the most from God directly, and to getaway…just listen: without posting, without writing; without sewing…just listening. It’s very powerful.

While there, I met a young man doing the same thing but more. God’s been using him in a very powerful way and blessing him equally powerfully: no more financial worry for him or his mother. God’s been exalting him at an accelerated rate, so he took a sabbatical to remain humble, to serve, to escape social media pressures. It was such an honor to meet him…very humble man.

I met so much of the staff, not only “met” them but got to “know” them and let them “know” me. I really look forward to keeping in touch and going back there. Although, I forgot to get phone numbers, so I’ll keep in touch through prayer.

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