Above the Barbed Wire Fence

Before I forget, I want to share with you a comical moment from my recent retreat. It didn’t happen “during” but on my way home.

After the official ending time of my retreat, I was invited to stay longer but felt compelled to leave after eating lunch. I figured it was so I could miss traffic, but God had planned something else. Continue reading


For the last few days, I’ve been on a solitude retreat, and it was amazing! Since I’ve been going on these alone, I don’t feel like I “meet God” there; it’s more like I “take Him” with me, so the past few days have been more like a weekend getaway with my Husband. Continue reading


will death care what you wear
or how you look
will shame move one
if you’re put together
will regret stay afar
if you’ve got your makeup on
will pride move aside
if you wear your hat

authority is known in the heart
and moves mountains
stands against the storms
withstands the heaviest winds
is a part of who you are
not how you look
or what you wear
it’s from the inside out