Above the Barbed Wire Fence

Before I forget, I want to share with you a comical moment from my recent retreat. It didn’t happen “during” but on my way home.

After the official ending time of my retreat, I was invited to stay longer but felt compelled to leave after eating lunch. I figured it was so I could miss traffic, but God had planned something else.

While I was there, the staff had been super nice to me…treated me like family, and there was one young man who’d been extremely nice, so I decided to wait for him to return, so I could say goodbye, but after waiting an hour, he hadn’t shown up, and I felt it was time for me to leave, so I headed out.

On the way down the mountain, every view was breathtaking. I’d noticed the views on the way up but was too chicken to pull over to snap some shots, so, during my stay, I’d declared in my heart, that on the way down, I’d pull over and take some pictures..

After zigzagging down the mountain a bit, I noticed a car to the side of the road. I figured, “Well, it MUST be a good shot,” so I pulled over, as well, and took a picture.

As I was taking the picture, the car that’d stopped pulled away. When I was done, I carried on.

Around a couple more turns, the view amazed me more, so I decided to pull over again. This time, that same car was pulling over, too. I hoped the person wouldn’t find me to be a “creeper” who was following them and rose out of my car.

As I neared the edge of the mountain, I noticed a woman getting out of the other car. We both were enamored by God’s beautiful artwork, but there was one problem: there was a barbed wire fence at eye level in the way of a picture.

Right away, the woman offered to stand on one of the waste high wooden posts that was supporting the safety guard rail. Immediately, I became super brave and offered to hold her legs, so she wouldn’t fall, but then she said, “I can’t get up there. You’ll have to do it,” and all my bravery drained out. What?!

She said, “It’s okay. I’ll hold onto you.”

Me…afraid of heights…not fond of goats…etc…about to stand on a post, at the edge of a mountain, above the barbed wire fence. Sure, no problem?

As she helped me figure out how to get up there, my new friend held onto my legs, holding me securely. I was SO freaked out! I was totally afraid to stand up straight, so I stood a little bent forward and couldn’t escape the barbed wire fence. Anyway, it gets better.

IMG_1001 (1)

I’d left my phone on the next post over, so she needed to step away for a moment to grab my phone…INSTANT terror. She came right back and handed me my phone. I took a few shots, and then she went to hand me hers.

Um…how was I supposed to make THAT exchange, when I was fearing my own death! I had one hand on her soldier and one hand on my phone. There just wasn’t another hand to grab her phone with.

I noticed a pocket on the chest of her scrubs, so I let her know I’d put my phone in there, and then took her phone to snap some pictures.

“Phew! That was done; now, how do I get down” were my only thoughts.

After some awkward holding, bending, and stretching (and a lot of laughter), one foot finally touched the ground. Since we’d become so close physically, we decided to get to know each other a little better.

It turned out, she lived super close to me, attended one of the churches I go to, and had gone to some of the same ministry events as I’d gone to. We were SO shocked!!

Even though we’d been so close (at times), God had taken us up on the side of a mountain to meet. Now, THAT’s a divine appointment!

I love how God works and what He does! It just makes life so EXCITING!!


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