in marriage (and relationships)

if you’re on a different page
communication’s muddled

if you’re in a different chapter
you’ll feel miles apart

if you’re in a different book
well that’s another story

Above the Barbed Wire Fence

Before I forget, I want to share with you a comical moment from my recent retreat. It didn’t happen “during” but on my way home.

After the official ending time of my retreat, I was invited to stay longer but felt compelled to leave after eating lunch. I figured it was so I could miss traffic, but God had planned something else. Continue reading

No Partiality

No Partiality

Yesterday, as I was listening to a teaching, the pastor spoke of loving equally. I was convicted, so much so that I paused the teaching to go spend time with God about it in His word with tears in my eyes. I KNEW I didn’t love equally but started praying for God to show me how.

Many of you may be thinking, “”I” love equally.”” Let’s see! Continue reading