No Partiality

No Partiality

Yesterday, as I was listening to a teaching, the pastor spoke of loving equally. I was convicted, so much so that I paused the teaching to go spend time with God about it in His word with tears in my eyes. I KNEW I didn’t love equally but started praying for God to show me how.

Many of you may be thinking, “”I” love equally.”” Let’s see!

Yesterday morning, I wrote about an abandoned heart, someone I had picked up the previous night (without revealing any genders), and many assumed I helped a woman-in-distress, and their love for her poured out. If they found out it was a man used and abandoned by another man, would their love for this person change. We’re to love others as ourselves, without regard to flesh. In some instances, I’m not there yet but want to be.

As it is now, I love some more than others. I regard those closest to me above those I pray for on the streets, above those who cut me off in traffic, above those who stalk me on Facebook, above those I don’t know well or don’t know at all. Jesus never did that. He had a few disciples He poured more teaching into, but above all, He loved equally. I want to be like Him.

I’m not talking about anything unhealthy. I would never open the door to any stalkers (or anything like that). No, I’m talking about loving from my heart out to others. I don’t do that equally.

In my prayer time with God yesterday, I asked Him to take away the vulnerability I have to be closer to some more than others. I want to love everyone MUCH! He so loved the world, not those who would love Him back. I’m not even sure how to grow up in this area. All I know is, when I learn from Jesus, I want to follow Him and do the same. I’m not going to love anyone any less. I have a feeling I’m going to be loving everyone a lot more!

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