God in “Movies”

Dreams: most of them good; some of them bad
Visions: not everyone has them; not everyone believes in them

Even as I start to write, it feels odd because it’s about someone else, whom I haven’t asked permission from to write about, so I’ll leave the name out and make the gender general. I’m not too familiar with the timeline, but that’s not the “meat” of what this is about. As you read, you’ll find out what I mean. Continue reading

No Partiality

No Partiality

Yesterday, as I was listening to a teaching, the pastor spoke of loving equally. I was convicted, so much so that I paused the teaching to go spend time with God about it in His word with tears in my eyes. I KNEW I didn’t love equally but started praying for God to show me how.

Many of you may be thinking, “”I” love equally.”” Let’s see! Continue reading