God in “Movies”

Dreams: most of them good; some of them bad
Visions: not everyone has them; not everyone believes in them

Even as I start to write, it feels odd because it’s about someone else, whom I haven’t asked permission from to write about, so I’ll leave the name out and make the gender general. I’m not too familiar with the timeline, but that’s not the “meat” of what this is about. As you read, you’ll find out what I mean.

About a month ago, a friend of mine had a tantrum with God. We had previously talked, and this person, knowing I heard from God, decided they wanted to hear from God, too, so during this tantrum, they let God have it.

While sitting, praying, my friend said something to the effect that they wanted to hear God (and not from just His word) and that they weren’t going to move until they did. I can imagine what that looked like: arms crossed in front, foot tapping, sneering as they looked to heaven. Well, it worked.

About a half an hour (to an hour) later, a movie started playing out in front of them. It was about the people being prayed for. After sharing this “movie” with the friend, it was confirmed that the vision was real, from God, and spoke deeply to this person. Since then, my friend has had many “movies” play out in front of them.

Don’t you love it!

Shortly after the first vision, my friend looked online to find out what it was that was happening. Right away, they read that visions were not of today, that they were for the times of the bible. Well, THAT was way wrong because here was my friend, having vision after vision in prayer time that really spoke to the people being lifted up. (Wow, it’s hard to leave gender out!) And it’s only just begun.

You see, this friend of mine is an introvert: doesn’t have much to say to someone unknown, and this new gifting has been an “ice breaker” on many occasions to talking with people unknown (and known). God is SO amazing!!

I’ll give you one example of this new adventure: imagine sitting in a church service and watching a “movie” play out about the pastor. Now, imagine having intense back pain come upon you during his message. Knowing the vision was from God and assuming the back pain was, too, my friend approached the pastor after the service to deliver the vision and asked if his back hurt. It did, so my friend prayed for healing (for the first time ever)! Isn’t that amazing!!

If you want to hear from God in a new way or if you want to hear from Him for the first time ever, demand it! He “wants” for you to hear him. He “wants” to have a two-way-street relationship with you. It’s easy to ask, pray, worship, etc. with Him, but how about listening? Take the time with your Husband in heaven and listen. You never know…maybe you’ll start having visions!


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