“Running Laps”

If you know me, you know I love my kids very much, and every once in a while, I share stuff with you about them. Well, it’s that time again.

On Wednesday evening, I stopped by to pick up my twelve year old from flag football practice, which my twenty four year old coaches. It was the end of practice, and Nathan was goofing off on the field with a couple friends, while Kyle was nearby watching, sitting on a wall. As I approached Kyle, I overheard some parents talking, and as I listened, I grinned. Continue reading

Laces Out

Yesterday, Kyle was coaching a tackle football game and wanted me to be there. You know what’s neat? He wants me to be at ALL of them. This isn’t even something Nathan’s in. It’s Kyle coaching the offense, and I’m honored to be asked and pleased to be there for him, and at yesterday’s game, I walked away with more than one treasure. Continue reading

The Direction of the Road

Kyle Bonde - Graduated 6-3-2015
Kyle Bonde – Graduated 6-3-2015

Most of you know that my oldest son graduated yesterday. This will be written through many tears because I’m already crying. I wish you KNEW all of me, so you could KNOW how all of this affects me, but I know I won’t give you “everything” on this one because so much of it is too personal, too private, too…meant for heaven only, but I will share with you a glimpse of the gratitude of my heart. Continue reading