“Kneeling Inside”

where your life’s going
where life’s been


but if I take each moment as
it’s much easier to breathe

my coffee
my laptop
my heart

my girls

my boys

an ending
a beginning
a moment in time

a life worth living
a living worth experiencing
an experience worth loving

each moment
spent with God
each breath
shared with Jesus
each thought
known by Him

living where I am
is my now

Fitting in Out of Place

To say this move hasn’t been hard on the kids would be lying. It’s been (at times) excruciating for them: no friends; nothing familiar; without their dad;…I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Well, little by little, things get better.

There’re moments when they cry.
There’re moments when they’re moody.
There’re moments when their silent. Continue reading

The Broken Road

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a dancer overseas, who hasn’t had the perfect life. I don’t believe many of us have, but one thing that’s stood out to me is how devastating it can be to live a life that seems like a broken road.

I wonder if that’s why Jesus is considered the “Bridge.” Continue reading

The Excitement of Waiting

Okay, this post will have a little bit about Lee, so I’ll let him know later, and if he minds, I’ll delete it. When I spend time with God in the morning, HE guides me on what to release out of my heart, and this is what He chose, so here we go.

Let me back up a little: on Tuesday, I wore my pair of boots, and Lee and I spoke a couple of sentences about them that seemed to come straight out of the “Forrest Gump” movie. Continue reading

The Age of Beauty

A couple weeks ago, someone contacted JC’s Girls because they wanted to do a photo shoot of a beauty-from-ashes story. Sounds like I might’ve qualified, right? Wrong. They wanted someone under the age of thirty. So why does beauty have an age?

To me, beauty is timeless…ageless. It’s not something one “puts on.” It’s something that “comes out”…that shines from the inside. One of my biggest struggles inside my heart at the porn convention was experiencing my beauty in the midst of an environment where everyone was all dolled up, but it was super important for me to experience this for “me.” It was part of my journey, part of my walk, and so much came out of it. Continue reading