The Broken Road

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a dancer overseas, who hasn’t had the perfect life. I don’t believe many of us have, but one thing that’s stood out to me is how devastating it can be to live a life that seems like a broken road.

I wonder if that’s why Jesus is considered the “Bridge.”

As I picture a broken road in my mind, I see how difficult the journey would become: you’d have to continue on foot, walk alongside the road, be turned in a different direction. I have a broken road past, and I’m so blessed to learn Truth, so it doesn’t become a hindrance in my relationship with God.

Out of all the bad things I’ve endured, I never once blamed God. The more I get to know people of the world and in the church, I realize what a blessing is it that I never blamed Him because once people blame God for the bad things that happened, it tends to be difficult for them to forgive Him, which creates a wall between them.

Bad=Satan; Good=God…for me, end of story…beginning of a new chapter. To think that God allowed bad things to happen to me to teach me, to mold me, to help form me, doesn’t make sense to me. When Adam messed up in the beginning, He handed the keys to the Kingdom over to Satan. When Jesus came as the second Adam, He reversed that by getting the keys back and offering them to us.

Once we believed in Him, He handed us the keys, gave us dominion and the power to call the shots. If the world is falling apart, maybe we’re not doing our part. Depression should never rule over us. Rejection should never control us. Lust should never drive us. We have been given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, so we would be able to rule OVER the kingdom of darkness, abolish its every scheme. Evil should never reign, where Jesus remains.

My heart is burning with this because the woman I’m becoming friends with has been down a broken road. Once, she trusted the goodness of God but lost all of hope of ever being able to make it back to that place. It’s just not true. She even feels like she’s a slut and no godly man will ever want her. That’s not true either; although, at times, I’ve felt that way, too.

There’s a part of me that has felt like my past prevents a godly man from ever wanting me, but I know that feeling happens when I’ve believed a lie, so I override that negative feeling with the truth that ONLY a godly man will be able to look at my past and not see it…will be able to look in my eyes and see the purity of my soul, so I encouraged her of that truth. The perfect definition of hope is Jesus. He’s made all things new.

Don’t let a broken road that’s knocked you off the Truth of life lived through the heart of Jesus stop you from becoming love and releasing Kingdom freedom! There is no past in His Presence. There is no pain in His Love. This new life lived through His death makes it possible to live in His Heart and be totally protected by His Being.

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