Fitting in Out of Place

To say this move hasn’t been hard on the kids would be lying. It’s been (at times) excruciating for them: no friends; nothing familiar; without their dad;…I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Well, little by little, things get better.

There’re moments when they cry.
There’re moments when they’re moody.
There’re moments when their silent. Continue reading


if they only knew
the road ahead
they’d think twice

if they only knew
the obstacles waiting
they’d exercise more

the road I’ve traveled
removing debris
to make a way

but maybe that’s just it
through it all
so others can walk

I have so much freedom
to teach
and so many readers
who listen

I can’t imagine
what the spoken words
will do
guess we’ll find out

in Texas

Dinner’s Done

In the beginning of my recovery through AA, I’d felt I’d finally made it “home.” Everyone accepted me, loved me, remembered my name. It was so good. I loved going to meetings and acted a certain way there, which the kids rarely saw at home.

I remember times when the kids would say, “You need a meeting,” and I’d usually leave to go to one. By the time I came back, I was in a good mood, ready to be a mom. That lasted for years, until I really surrendered to God. Continue reading

The Broken Road

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a dancer overseas, who hasn’t had the perfect life. I don’t believe many of us have, but one thing that’s stood out to me is how devastating it can be to live a life that seems like a broken road.

I wonder if that’s why Jesus is considered the “Bridge.” Continue reading

The Direction of the Road

Kyle Bonde - Graduated 6-3-2015
Kyle Bonde – Graduated 6-3-2015

Most of you know that my oldest son graduated yesterday. This will be written through many tears because I’m already crying. I wish you KNEW all of me, so you could KNOW how all of this affects me, but I know I won’t give you “everything” on this one because so much of it is too personal, too private, too…meant for heaven only, but I will share with you a glimpse of the gratitude of my heart. Continue reading