“Do You Wanna Know”

people wonder who I am
I’m me
and for the first time in my life
that’s a good thing

there’s a past behind me
a road filled with rocks
I picture my old self
along that road
selling my body
and when I picture that person
it doesn’t look like me

I found my identity
in Jesus

the word says He was beaten
beyond recognition
so I could find my identity

my future’s before me
one full of hope
one full of creating
new memories
to form a past

as I walk through the store
and see other people
I appreciate their looks
and am happy for mine


I’m not afraid to laugh
or how to raise my kids
I’m not afraid to cry
or show it
I’m not afraid to be alone
or try something new

I’m not afraid to pioneer
the road I travel on

becoming love
living through His heart
dying to self
so I could be free

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