Addiction Knocked Away

Yesterday, we walked the street near the trolley station in Lemon Grove and met some really neat people: men just hanging out; Jehovah’s Witnesses who really didn’t want to talk with us; the owner of a smoke shop; etc, but there are a couple moments I feel led to share with you in detail, so here we go.

At one point, I’d needed to use the restroom. As we traveled back to the trolley station, I headed in the direction of one and passed by a few young people, laying on the ground in the shade, talking about how you can’t trust anyone. I knew we’d come back to them as a group, so I continued on my bathroom mission without saying a word.

After I couldn’t find a restroom, I went back to the guys and told them about the group, so we headed in that direction to meet them, to see what the Holy Spirit had for them, and on our way, we saw a young man sitting under a tree on a rock. As we passed by, I said hello and knew we’d be back to talk with him.

By the time we got to the group, there were five of them, and I asked if I could sit with them and joined them on the ground. Three of them were very open; we chatted until their trolley came, then carried on.

On our way back towards the street, we headed towards the man on the rock. As we neared, he offered me some of his beer. I was so excited: I told him how I had ten years sober and found a rock near him to sit down at. His encounter with God was amazing!!

He started talking about different drugs and such that give you “good” hallucinations. I told him about the high of the Holy Ghost. He said, “What’s that?”, so we started to explain it to him.

He was so open. He knew that the world was under some negative control, which he assumed was Satan. We told him how the name of Jesus was above any darkness out there. In talking about Jesus, he remembered being saved in jail.

As soon as I heard him talk about his moment with Jesus, I asked if I could see his eyes, jumped up, and grabbed his hand to pray into him. I don’t know what all I prayed, but I do know that the Holy Spirit spoke deeply to him.

As I sat back down, I talked about my past, even took my upper teeth out. I was explaining to him how none of my past was a part of who I was. Then, I told him if he drinks again to declare that that’s not who he is. At that moment, power came over him.

He looked at me, swung his arm, whacked his beer away, and said, “I’m done with THAT! After what you’ve been saying, I’m done with that!” ISN’T THAT AMAZING!!! In an INSTANT…transformed!!

His trolley came, but he chose to sit and talk with us longer. He asked us questions, and in turn, we all taught him Truth. He talked about his stealing habits, wanting to provide food for his pregnant girlfriend, suicidal thoughts, how no one cares about him. He encountered God so deeply that hope was restored. It was just so amazing.

As we listened to him, he told us how he was stabbed three times a week ago…was all bandaged up, and the whole time he was talking to us, he’d been in pain. After a few times of Sal praying…totally healed!! He was in awe. He wanted to “give” us something, and even though we told him he didn’t need to, he really “wanted” to, so we let him. He gave us an open container of juice he had. That’s ALL he had.

He needed to get on the next trolley, so we said our goodbyes. He was on his way to find a job. He was only twenty-two. His life will be forever changed, and we encouraged him to, as he goes, change the world around him, too.

That encounter wasn’t only for him. He blessed me, too…kept raving about how beautiful I was, even without teeth. I pictured God telling me that and told him how I need to hear that at times. I hope he finds my website and reads about this. I forgot to ask if I could use his name, so I left this general.

Young man, if you’re reading this, thank you for blessing my day yesterday. You truly are amazing, and we’d love to keep in contact with you, so let us know how you’re doing! God is in you!! Keep learning the truth, so you’ll be able to guide your girlfriend and child into His heart. Life is amazing, and your worth is priceless!

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