Coffee Anyone?

Okay, I have an amazing story to tell you about a person becoming freed from strongholds in the middle of Starbucks. I won’t tell you when this happened or who it happened with because they want to remain anonymous, but I asked if I could share it “generally” because it’s so powerful, and who DOESN’T want a powerful testimony, so here we go! Continue reading

Addiction Knocked Away

Yesterday, we walked the street near the trolley station in Lemon Grove and met some really neat people: men just hanging out; Jehovah’s Witnesses who really didn’t want to talk with us; the owner of a smoke shop; etc, but there are a couple moments I feel led to share with you in detail, so here we go. Continue reading

“Growing Up”

teaching with authority
abolishing minds set on darkness
turning their attention to Light
explaining Kingdom Living through
exposing the lies
revealing the Truth
leaving an example to follow

becoming love
to look more like Him
embracing the world regardless
not to conform to it
to change it
with love
in love
through love
becoming love
looking more and more like