I’m Not Dead


Recently, I’ve been challenged to check my motives on everything I do to make sure I’m living for God and not me. Some things I’ve heard or read insinuated that I might be self-seeking still, which didn’t sit well with me, so I went to God to find out what was in my heart. Continue reading

“Just Me”

I’m not like anyone else
just me
and there are moments when that’s great
and there are other moments

I wish I always saw through God’s eyes
always saw the heart
just the heart

in myself
in others
in Him

I worship the way I worship
I dance the way I dance
sometimes drool when I sleep
I’m just me
and when I walk in my shoes
there’s Power

Purity to Fight for

IMG_1051 (2)If I sat down with you and told you about my past, you may be tempted to wonder how I could feel pure. Looking at my life through the worlds eyes would reveal a lot of questions. Looking at my life through the eyes of Jesus reveals a lot of answers.

To express the measure of purity I feel will be noticeable in this one statement: I don’t even want to be kissed until my wedding day. Does that sound crazy? To the world, yes. To God, no. I have sought God through Jesus to find my identity, and in doing that, I’ve discovered what a treasure I am. Is that arrogant? No. Is that confidence? Absolutely! I am confident in who I am in Christ, and I want to be treated that way.

I was talking to a man on the street about my desire not be kissed until my wedding day, and he didn’t think that withholding my sexual desires from coming out was healthy. I told him that it is very healthy. You see, to the world, heaven doesn’t make sense, Kingdom living doesn’t make sense, purity doesn’t make sense. To God, I bet it makes perfect sense. After going back and forth in discussion, I told this man that he wouldn’t be able to change my mind. No one will be able to change my mind or my heart, not even my future husband.

I’ve even shared my purity with other Christians and have not always received positive feedback. This purity is something I will fight for. I don’t want to marry a man because of the way he kisses or the way he makes me feel when we kiss. I want to marry a man because his heart shines with God’s love. I believe if I fall in love with a man, no matter what, kissing will be amazing, so why not save it for an amazing wedding night.

I’m not out to please anyone but God. I’m truly glad that I listen to the voice of His heart and not the voice of man’s mind. Everything I feel and believe about myself right now was never known to me through life: I have value; I am beautiful; I feel like a virgin; I am a gift, not to be opened; I’m a treasure; I am worth the wait; I am elegant…every morning, I have the pleasure of waking up to who I am, and I’m excited to live out every day through Him!

Welcome to Flames of Glory

Flames of Glory are swing worship flags the release the anointing of God’s Glory. While worshiping with them, I’ve experienced tremendous breakthrough. His Glory is my limit…endless!

Psalm 8:1

“O LORD, our Lord,

How excellent is Your name in all the earth,

Who have set Your glory above the heavens!”