“Amidst the Garden”

sometimes people
only read
what they want
to hear

this move
moved me
in a saddened way
too much for words

but some words
revealed a state
too much for some
to handle

where friends were needed
but not always wanted
where cries were answered
by heaven’s yes

for those who looked away
through tougher times
thank you
for not putting me down

for those who called
to leave a message
thank you
for leaving your voice

for those who rose up
from out of nowhere
thank you
for being somewhere

in the end of now
I’m able to relate
because of what
I’ve gone through

or better yet
what “I’ve” put “myself” through

“Wife v. Mom”

people wonder if I’m excited
but a part of me is sad
for what my kids are enduring

having to choose
between mom or dad
having to leave
the friends they’ve known
having to miss
those last days of school

their little hearts are so stressed
one struggling in school
treading water
one quitting sports
why bother
Carolyn leaving her boyfriend
Nathan missing the dance
and there’s more

so am excited?
does my mommy heart hurt?
will we walk through this together?

while loving each other

“Rear-view Mirror”

things I WON’T miss in Texas

my loud abusive neighbors
their dog
cost of living
paying rent
my loud abusive neighbors

I’ll miss Kyle
my time with ALL my kids
our game nights
the weather
people I’ve known
what my eyes are used to

I know we’ll make new memories
I know Kyle will visit
I know things will be amazing

don’t make this more than
it is
a poem