Write Away

All throughout childhood, permission was needed to do just about anything: at home, in school, at a friend’s house, etc. It was always polite to ask, necessary to wait, expected to raise your hand in class. I wonder when I grew out of that, or did I? Continue reading

Keys of Royalty

Talk about revelation-overload! Over the past few days, God has been teaching me a lot, and all of it has been good, but this will be about “one” of the things He taught me, but there’ll be more to come.

On Tuesday, we arrived at our hotel (Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa), which was attached to Disney California Adventure Park. Scott had picked this one in particular because they offered the purchase of massages, facials, etc., and the other hotels didn’t. [Yes, I was at Disneyland for three days, and during my stay, I was blessed with an hour long Swedish massage and an hour long facial that, supposedly, made me look younger.] Right off the bat, God was teaching me. Continue reading