Keys of Royalty

Talk about revelation-overload! Over the past few days, God has been teaching me a lot, and all of it has been good, but this will be about “one” of the things He taught me, but there’ll be more to come.

On Tuesday, we arrived at our hotel (Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa), which was attached to Disney California Adventure Park. Scott had picked this one in particular because they offered the purchase of massages, facials, etc., and the other hotels didn’t. [Yes, I was at Disneyland for three days, and during my stay, I was blessed with an hour long Swedish massage and an hour long facial that, supposedly, made me look younger.] Right off the bat, God was teaching me.

As Scott checked us in, we all received a room key with our name on it. The adult room key cards (for me, Scott, Kyle, and Katie) were set up with the ability to purchase whatever we wanted throughout the parks…even ME. We could buy whatever we wanted, and it would be charged to the room. Right away, God revealed a message about holding the keys to the Kingdom.

I was holding a room key that would give me anything I wanted. All I had to do was use it, so pretty much, Scott gave me access to his credit card. As I walked through the different stores, there were many things I “wanted,” but there was still that hesitation to buy things. I had the permission, the authority, the access, yet I hesitated. It made me wonder, “How much do I hesitate with God.”

Because I know Jesus, I’ve been given the keys to the Kingdom. I’ve been given access to God’s “credit card,” yet I walk around and don’t always “use” it. Maybe others do that as well. There’s an endless supply of healing, of freedom, of victory, and I don’t even have to “ask” for it. It’s been handed to me, like that room key, yet…

Now that I’m writing this, I realize: I never did use that room key, except to buy a churro, and it’s bringing me to tears. Is that all I think I’m worth…a churro! By the time I bought things, we were checked out of the room, so my card wouldn’t work. Scott had to be there to pay.

How many times does God wonder, “Why doesn’t she use the keys?”

It was such a humbling revelation. I want to always “want” more of the Kingdom…never satisfied. I want to realize…really realize the authority, the royalty, the right, the permission I have with God. I hold the keys to the Kingdom and will be using them a lot more now.

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