The Outcast

Yesterday, Carolyn had her last band competition in LA, which was too far for me to travel: I didn’t have the money or the gas, so we both knew I wouldn’t’ve been able to make it, and since we’ve been bonding a lot lately, that was hard on both of us.

She was supposed to arrive back at the school at 1:00 AM, so before I went to bed, I set my alarm, and before I did that, I sent her a text of how I loved her.

After ten, she responded with what a hard day it had been. She’d endured it with pain and tears. She was tired and couldn’t wait to be home, and in her text, she put, “Mom, you don’t even know,” so I knew there was more to her day than just pain. Continue reading

Good Friday Cries

I am so glad I didn’t wear makeup yesterday. I was crying on and off all day…all of them good. What a happy bottle God has with my tears in them! Listen to how God is working: on Thursday night, I met a man who offered to do the marketing for my flag business for FREE, and yesterday, a woman called to order flags who is a publisher. I believe my devotional book will be available sooner rather than later. Anyway, enough of that. Let’s go to Balboa Park. Continue reading