Good Friday Cries

I am so glad I didn’t wear makeup yesterday. I was crying on and off all day…all of them good. What a happy bottle God has with my tears in them! Listen to how God is working: on Thursday night, I met a man who offered to do the marketing for my flag business for FREE, and yesterday, a woman called to order flags who is a publisher. I believe my devotional book will be available sooner rather than later. Anyway, enough of that. Let’s go to Balboa Park.

First off, while I was at my desk, I thought about it being Good Friday and wondered if homeless people knew what day it was; then, God put it on my heart to take communion to Lee and Mike. What a wonderful idea! I listened to Him, and when I clocked out for lunch, I headed to the bank and to the market and ended up at the park.

As I walked toward them, I loved seeing them waiting. I’m not sure why I love that so much. Maybe it’s because I see hope, trust, anticipation. I’m not sure, but I love it. I joined them, and Lee moved to the ground, so I could sit in his chair. It was the first time he had done that, and it made my heart smile.

I explained to them how I brought communion and asked Mike if he knew Jesus. He said he did, so I said, “Then, I brought communion for you, too.” He smiled. We looked in the bible a little, but our conversation took a turn down memory lane for Lee, so we all traveled on it. At one point, I remembered some not-so-good memories and shared them with them. Because I had had to stop at the bank and market (for the bread and juice), our time was shortened and went by fast.

In our conversation, we talked about deodorant, which led to perfume. (I have no idea how we end up talking about so many different things, but I love it.) During the topic of perfume, I explained how I ran out well over a year ago, and at first, couldn’t afford it, but then, I grew into not wanting it. Now, I just use anointing oil that smells like roses and pulled it out to show them. Lee gasped for air.

He has been wanting anointing oil. He knows the value of it. I told them I would anoint them for our communion. They were both very happy. They both asked me if I would get them their own bottles. I told them I will. I explained my emotional day to them and why I hadn’t worn makeup. They loved how the one year anniversary of my freedom landed on Good Friday. We all agreed that that was God’s plan. I was so honored to have that revealed to me through them.

As I began to anoint them with oil and bless them, Lee mentioned how he never realized you could have communion outside the walls of a church. He spoke of the southern baptist church he had attended and how they only shared communion once a year. I explained the depth of communion and how it may be experienced at anytime you want and/or need and with anything you have available. He said it made sense.

We held our bread and remembered Jesus. I talked more in depth about what dancing with flags had done for me, how God touched me so deeply, how Jesus made it possible for me to be clean, and during that, I began to cry (surprise, surprise), but when we lifted our juice, I lost it. I looked at Lee and thanked him for his friendship and how much it meant to me. And then, we all began to cry.

Lee explained how he had lost his faith, had just about given up on people, and then, I came along, and how God has used me to build his faith. Then, through tears in his eyes, Mike thanked us for letting him into our friendship. They both said they were honored that I have shared so much of myself: time, testimonies (good and bad), and how I’ve held nothing back. It meant so much to me. Heaven was present, and we will never forget it.

Before I rose to leave, I looked at Lee and told him God had given me something to give to them, and for both of them to not be ornery-ER in receiving it. I mentioned again it was from God. [God had asked me to help them out with something. I had planned to give it all to Lee and let “him” decide what to give Mike because he drinks. As we were sharing communion, God corrected me by saying, “My son deserves his OWN gift.” With this correction came obedience.] As I blessed each of them, they were so grateful and laughed about the ornery-ER part.

I know what the bible says about helping out in secret, but I believe God wanted me to share this because of the conflict that had gone on in my heart. “I” had decided that Mike didn’t deserve to be blessed because of the choices he’s made. I wonder how many times I’ve done that. Anyway, what he buys doesn’t define who he is. The importance of it all is for him to receive Love from God, and I know he’s receiving it because he’s beginning to smile more. Life is just too amazing to keep inside, and God is just too amazing at planning it.

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